Topaz Membership


A: The commitment to the membership would be a $75 spending per month that will be charged to your credit card which will converted into usable credits at EagleWings Cinematics.

A: You may enjoy discounts on movie tickets at EagleWings Cinematics, F&B at EagleWings Loft, Yacht Charters and so much more!

A: You may nominate supplementary members through the membership portal after you have fully completed your own registration.

A: No. Lounge access charges apply.


VIP Emerald Membership


A: Credits are only for the said member. Members may request for a supplementary card for specific individuals, whose details will have to be furnished to EagleWings. Each member can nominate up to 5 supplementary members as long as they are of the same household. The system will validate the status before granting activation of each supplementary member. This is to prevent abuse of the supplementary membership system.

A: Each person from the 3rd guest onwards will require an entry fee of $6.

A: All unused credits will be forfeited by default. Members may opt-in for our CSR programme, whereby 50% of the total value of balance credits will directly benefit the less fortunate in our society.

A: Yes, you may use your credits to dine at the Cinematics's Premium Lounge.

A: Yes, you may accumulate your credits for 2-3 months and spend them on a whole-hall booking. Safe distancing measures apply.

A: termination will require a 2-months notice period upon request. E.g. for a termination request on 15 March, the mandatory notice period will begin from 1st April to 31st May. Deposits will be refunded thereafter.